Supervised Theses


Supervision of Graduate (Ph.D.) Theses:


1.      Philippos Ioannou (2008-2013). “Computational Studies of Ionic Effects on the Conformational Stability and the Helix/Coil Equilibrium of Model Oligopeptides”

2.      Phanourios Tamamis (2006-2010). “Molecular Dynamics Studies of the Structural, Dynamical and Thermodynamical Properties of Biomolecular Complexes with Explicit and Implicit Solvent Models”

3.      Savvas Polydoridis (2006-2011). Redesigning the specificity of Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases with Biomolecular Simulations”



Supervision of Graduate (Masters) Theses:


1.      Chrystalla Mytidou (2010-2012). “Study of the Structural Stability of Protein Segments from the Adenovirus Fiber and of Biomolecular Complexes Implicated in the Complement System; Insights from Molecular Dynamics Simulations.

2.      Philippos Ioannou (2006-2008). “Investigation of the air/water interface of alcohol-water mixtures by MD simulations”.

3.      George Spyrou (2004-2006). Investigation of the formation of amylod fibers by peptidic analogues of silk-worm chorion proteins, with folding simulations”. Dr. Spyrou was a Masters student in the Graduate Program “Masters in Bioinformatics”, at the University of Athens.

4.      Savvas Polydoridis (2003-2005). Application of Free Energy Calculations to the Thermodynamic stability of Biomolecular Complexes”; supported by a grant for the integration of young Cypriot researchers (PENEK) from the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation.

5.      Georgia Andreou (2003-2005) “Simulations of hydrated ions with polarized ion- and water models” (in collaboration with Prof. E. Leontidis, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Cyprus).



Supervision of Undergraduate Theses:


1.      Ph. Tamamis (2005-2006). “Conformational Investigation of the autoimmune system inhibitor Compstatin with biomolecular simulations”.

2.      S. Polydoridis (2002-2003). “The protein folding problem; theoretical models and molecular simulations”.

3.      G. Andreou (2001-2002). “Conformational stability of biomolecular systems in solution, studied by explicit and implicit solvent models”.