Georgios Archontis


Research Activity


Our research aims to understand the properties of biomolecular systems by means of theoretical concepts (based on statistical mechanics, continuum electrostatics, classical physics) and computational methodologies (molecular dynamics simulations with atomic-detail models, implicit-solvent models, electronic structure calculations). Our research is funded by grants from the University of Cyprus, the A.G. Leventis Foundation and the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (


Current Research Areas


          Conformational and stability studies of peptides, proteins and protein-small molecule complexes by MD simulations and free-energy calculations with explicit and implicit-solvent models

          Development of efficient computational methods for protein structure optimization and design

          Studies of electrolyte solutions by simulations with polarizable force fields

          Application of continuum-electrostatics methods to proton binding and dielectric relaxation processes in proteins



For more information, please consult our publications. A full publication list in included in my detailed CV.