General Information


The Group of Theoretical and Computational Biophysics comprises of:


associate professors Georgios Archontis & Spiros Skourtis,

postdoctoral fellow Dr. Phanourios Tamamis,

graduate students Savvas Polydorides, Philippos Ioannou (Dept. of Chemistry), Panayiotis Antoniou

and undergraduate students Elena Demosthenous, Panayiota Pierou and Zena Scotti.



Research in the group aims to study aspects of the equilibrium and dynamical

properties of molecular and biomolecular systems in solutions.



The research utilizes physical theories (continuum electrostatics, classical,

quantum, and statistical mechanics), and computational methodologies (molecular

dynamics simulations of systems represented by atomic-resolution Hamiltonians,

electronic-structure calculations, computation of  the electrostatic field of solvated

macromolecular systems).


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